Gain the information details from the rating constructed by the previous users!

May 25, 2015


Gain the information details from the rating constructed by the previous users!

Customer reviews that were analyzed and published on the Consumer Reports Magazine those days where there was no e-commerce and the Internet was still a small scale idea gave buyers an idea of what to expect from the reviewed product or service. The reports mostly ranked products and services using a criterion that featured factors like quality, price levels and dependability of a service or product. These days, customer reviews has shifted online as more and more shoppers use e-commerce to buy products and services. As a result, there are thousands of websites doing customer reviews. This is a good thing because shoppers are able to learn from each other and make better buying decisions. We envision the same thing for the writing industry. We want students who seek to hire writing services to be able to use customer reviews to decide on the service they want to hire.

Why Reviews are Important

Every day, students take the risk of placing writing orders without knowing the performance of the writing company that they send those orders to. Many times, they are disappointed by the plagiarized, poorly written work that they receive from sham companies that barely have skilled personnel. This is because there are scanty customer reviews that they can rely on to know how dependable different writing companies are. As online customers, students need to access comprehensive consumer reports generated by credible organizations that can show them the performance of different writing companies so that they can find the best services. Review

Any student who has previously used online writing services is welcome to submit a review on the service he or she reviewed on We accept customer reviews because we use them to find out which writing companies are most reputable from the customer’s perspective so that we can make it popular and help other students find them through our site.

How we Rank

Our mode of ranking writing companies involves the use of a ranking procedure that we have put in place and one that prioritizes elements that students hold dear in their search for writing services. These are issues to do with companies’ ability meet time deadlines, produce quality outputs, charge affordable fees that are also consistent and provide responsive support to customers.

We then use a numerical scoring system that is drawn from the feedback from customers and information we get through autonomous company reviews to rank the writing companies. Companies are ranked based on their performance and the best appear on the top of the list. We prepare our reports in such a way that students would spend very little time to identify the most reputable writing services.



Added Details

We give students access to more information about the top writing companies through videos and links below. Through these videos, our visitors can see how different reputable companies run their process and access their websites easily by clicking on the links that we provide at the end of this page.